The first visit to a Belfry after the enforced Covid winter hibernation occurred fairly on the off chance. Only the hotel was very carefully chosen based on its very central location.

Hotel Guzy

The rooms are located above two storefronts owned by the same owners. In the section to the right of the entrance there is a store with oriental lamps and ceramics, and on the left they sell chocolates. Behind the entrance is the spacious dining room.

We had booked a triple room there and it was fine. To be precise, it was actually two rooms: a smaller room with a small double bed and a larger room with a king-size double bed, TV, kettle and minibar. Attached to the large room was also the spacious bathroom with shower, toilet, hair dryer and the usual soaps and shampoos.

The staff runs both the stores and the hotel and is very friendly and helpful. For breakfast this time, not a running buffet, but per person a richly filled plate and next to it several bowls of food.

Hotel Guzy is located on a shopping street that after a five-minute walk leads to the Grand Place with belfry and town hall. On Saturdays, there is a market.

At cafe

Cafe The Zimmer

Cafe The Zimmer

In the afternoon, we couldn’t resist the lure of Belgian beer and we took a wet run to dinner.

Cafe ‘t Kafaat

In the alley connecting the Grand Place to Zimmer Square. With large and heated teraas, but still nice inside. Drank a couple of “Christal” lagers here. Mwahh…too hoppy or was it because of our toothpaste? We could also have skipped the first beers because more often than not they don’t taste good. Or just go ahead and get used to it. On the other hand, we wanted to experience more of the extensive hospitality offerings around downtown squares. By the way, the corona check is taken very seriously by all operators. So please keep these handy.

Café In The Gloria

Located at the Grand Place. Christal on tap here too, but fortunately also a good Tripel. Nice cafe with solid music.

The Zimmer

On river Binnennete and Zimmer Square. Cozy living room cafe with an uncommon menu. Regular live music.

Eaten at…

Koenie Koenie BBQ Bar at Zimmer Square. Bistro with a casual atmosphere. Excellent meat dishes from the grill. Fairly firmly priced, though.



Zimmer Tower of Lier