Belfry of Lo

Market 1, 8647 Lo-Reninge Belgium

Visit in December 2019

Sleeping in a belfry!

In planning the trip, one thing was immediately certain: we would sleep in a belfry this time. How fun is that! Our interest was specifically in Camille Wybo’s stained glass windows. In addition, Lo-Reninge is also nicely centrally located between the belfries of Diksmuide, Ypres and Roeselare….

City Hall and Belfry of Lo

Concise history:

The decision to build the belfry was made in 1562. It is part of the city hall built in 1565 and 1566 to replace the old city hall. The master mason was Joos Staesin of Ypres. The new belfry housed the city clock and a small carillon that could be heard in Lo as early as 1525. This first carillon of Lo from 1525 was expanded by seven more bells in 1527. Nothing can be found about the carillon after 1753, and it is believed that the French occupiers made coins of it at the time. During the restoration, a floor was added to City Hall and stained glass windows by Arthur Wybo were installed on the second floor.


The town hall and belfry were first partially restored between 1842 and 1849. In 1906 was the second restoration. Here Lo was just able to enjoy it for long because in World War I the town hall and belfry were badly damaged. The top of the belfry had taken a full blast and the top was completely off. Soon after the war, reconstruction began. The last restoration was from 1970 to 1974.

Hotel- restaurant

Until the 1970 restoration, the building had the combined function of city hall and café. After that, the building, still owned by the city government, was used as a hotel restaurant. In late November 2018, the then operators, Ms. B. Florizoone and Mr. S. George transferred the business to Mr. C. van der Schaeghe. They had cared for their guests for no less than 35 years at that time.

New carillon

A new carillon was inaugurated in May 2008. Lo was until then the only belfry on the World Heritage List that did not have a carillon. It was installed by the company Clock-o-Matic. The carillon is operated electronically and has 27 melodies. One is the tune of Sjamele Djoos, a local celebrity. This melody, like the other songs, was played in by Ypres carillonneur Ludo Geloen and sounded first at the dedication.

Sources: Real Estate Heritage Agency 2020: Town Hall of Lo [online] (Accessed 25-01-2020) and Blog: Les Beffrois, Les Peroons & Les Rolands {online}




Building Material:

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37 meters

accessible through the hotel

Opening Hours

Closing days: Monday evening, Tuesday and Wednesday


Hotel Restaurant Town Hall

Call: +32 (0)58 28 80 16


Accommodation options in Lo and surrounding areas

Hotel Restaurant Town Hall

Sleeping in a belfry, how fun is that. In Lo, you can experience this at Hotel Restaurant Stadhuis. In addition to pleasant rooms, the restaurant has a nice menu.

Hotel Old Abbey

Hotel Oude Abdij features a restaurant, a bar, a shared lounge and a garden in Lo-Reninge. There is a terrace and you can use …

Novotel Ypres Center

Located in the middle of historic Ypres, the Novotel Ypres Center offers 24-hour room service. Within walking distance you will find the In Flanders Fields Museum and the Menin Gate….

Food and drink

During our visit to Lo, we spontaneously visited some classrooms to take care of the inner man as well. If you have any additions or an absolute tip where a visit to Lo should be culinarily graced please send a message to:

1. Hotel Restaurant Town Hall

Centrally located on the market in Lo-Reninge, is the old town hall and belfry anno 1566 in Flemish Renaissance style, now furnished as a hotel-restaurant and private family sauna. At the time of our visit, the new owner is spending a good year modernizing the restaurant and hotel. The breakfast served there is extensive and everything is as fresh as you want it to be. Super delicious breakfast!

Website Hotel Restaurant Stadhuis

2. Jules Destrooper Visitor Center

If you’re in Lo anyway…. Jules Destrooper, a young baker, opened a bakery in Lo, Lazy City of Flanders, on August 8, 1885. At the visitor center, you’ll walk through Jules Destrooper’s rich past and find out exactly how the cookies are baked. You will learn all about the old family recipes and, of course, you will have the opportunity to taste the cookie range extensively.

Website Visitor Center Jules Destrooper

3. Cafe the Angel

There’s not much to do in Lo at night for those who want to grab a pint a little later in the evening. Close to the West Gate where according to the Julius Caesar once tied his horse to the yew tree that still exists today, Café de Engel is an oasis of hospitality. The landlady is particularly friendly to those three “lost” Dutchmen and on a subsequent visit to Lo will definitely step inside this old brown pub again.

Facebook page Cafe the Angel

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