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Discover the Belfries

Follow Bert, Eric and Reijer on their trips to all the Belfries listed on the Unesco World Heritage List. Read about their attempt to become the first persons to visit and, if possible, climb all 56 of them. A colorful history combined with beautiful encounters.


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On this site you will find information about the 56 belfries on the Unesco World Heritage List with tips to make a visit a great city trip!

Not only do we report on our attempt to visit and climb all 56 belfries, but we also share our experiences in and around the towers. Where can you spend a good night, have a beer and go to a restaurant? In short, all the information you need to plan a visit and have a great weekend.

The three most recent posts

On this page we have collected all the relevant information for visiting this belfry. To keep this up to date, we are constantly on our way to one of the 56 belfries on the Unesco World Heritage List. Below are the latest additions.

Visit Belfry of Dendermonde 2023

Visit Belfry of Dendermonde 2023 Rein had managed to get in touch with Patrick Segers, the head of the Tourism Department in Dendermonde, and make an appointment to tour the Belfry. Not only was Patrick waiting for us in front of the Belfry and City Hall but he turned...

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