Belfry of Ypres

Grote Markt 34, 8900 Ypres Belgium
In conversation with Ludo Geloen

Visit December 2019

Ludo Geloen, composer & carillonneur

At the fountain in front of the Belfry of Ypres, we had met with composer and carillonneur Ludo Geloen. Unfortunately, the on-camera interview didn’t go quite right but it turned into a great conversation.

Last Post at the Menin Gate

The first thing Reijer started talking about when the plan was made to go to Ypres was the ceremony under the Menin Gate. In fact, you cannot visit Ypres without having visited this ceremony, which has been taking place since 1928.

Cloth Hall and belfry of Ypres

Concise history:

The story goes that construction of the Ypres belfry began in 1200 after the laying of the foundation stone by Baudouin of Constantinople It is generally held, however, that construction began in 1250 and was completed in 1304.

Accounts from the beginning of the fourteenth century mention the re-gilding of the dragon. This symbol of civil liberty thus graces the spire of the belfry from that time on. This first dragon was so damaged in 1692 that it was replaced with a new one.

The belfry itself also has several periods of maintenance (1815, 1843-1853, 1870-1877 and 1877-1884). Maintenance does not always turn out favorably because in 1908 Jules Coomans is commissioned to restore the last restorations. It lasted until the beginning of World War I, and ironically, the remaining construction scaffolding hastened the fires that broke out after shelling by the Germans.

After its destruction, it was rebuilt between 1928 and 1934 and inaugurated by King Leopold III on July 29, 1934.




Building Material:

Style period:





Artesian sandstone


70 meters

open to the public

Opening Hours

Monday through Sunday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.


Tourism Ypres

Call: +32 57 23 92 20


Accommodation options in Ypres

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Food and drink

During our visit to Ypres, we spontaneously visited some premises to take care of the inner man as well. If you have any additions or an absolute tip where a visit to Ypres should be graced culinarily please send a message to:

1. Cafe les Halles

Unintentionally, Café les Halles becomes our base of operations in Ypres. As usual, we try a local pint and the choice falls on Le Fort, highly recommended. So later in the evening, we manage to find our way back to Les Halles for dinner. The menu is very varied with tapas, burgers but also regional specialties and classics like ham rolls with chicory. Top location!

Website Cafe les Halles

2. Brasserie at ‘t kleine Stadhuis

Online, we had our choice of the “coziest brasserie in Ypres. If only we had also made reservations right away because the brasserie was packed when we entered. Since we had first visited the ceremony at the Menin Gate, we were also late. Too bad because it looked cozy. Next time, definitely visit again.

Website Restaurant In ‘t klein Stadhuis

3. Brasserie In den Trompet

When you want to eat a good steak go to In den Trompet was told to us at the Menin Gate. Unfortunately, for reasons unclear to us, the brasserie turned out to be closed that day. Another reason to go to Ypres again.

Brasserie In den Trompet

The three most recent posts

On this page we have collected all the relevant information for visiting this belfry. To keep this up to date, we are constantly on our way to one of the 56 belfries on the Unesco World Heritage List. Below are the latest additions.

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